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ENGINOX TECHNOLOGIES is authorised channel partners of GPS Renewables for Gujarat region and carrying out their Sales and Marketing efforts in Gujarat region for BioUrja .

About BioUrja

Biogas arises in the anaerobic degradation process of organic material. Biogas is the product of the natural biological breakdown of organic & carbon-rich waste when the supply of oxygen is restricted.

Biogas has a methane concentration ranging from 55% to 65% on average, which guarantees high energy production and efficiency.

Our proprietary technology extracts the value contained in non-recyclable waste by producing ‘biogas’, a methane-rich natural gas.


  • CH4 : 60-65%
  • CO2 : 30-35%
  • Water vapour
  • Traces of H2S, oxidised sulphur compounds, H2, siloxanes

Biourja - Advantages
Proprietary Ultra-compact bio-methanation systems to convert waste to biogas
Plug and Play solution suited to needs of Urban Establishments
>50-100% Energy production compared to other solutions
Innovative Operation and Maintenance Methodology
No Civil Works
No Scum Formation
No Water Requirements
Feedstock Flexibility – Provides for greater tolerances and uninterrupted operation

Most Effective, Reliable and arguably the Cleanest solution to reduce the cost of Solid Waste Disposal, Management and Recovery

Founded in 2010, GPS is an emerging ‘waste to energy’ technology company that pioneered the development of a clean and low-cost technology that transforms organic waste into renewable energy.
We manufacture, sell and operate ultra-compact bio-methanation plants founded on our proprietary Dry Anaerobic Digestion technology.
Developed in association with the Asian Institute of Technology, GPS’ proprietary, ultra-compact plants recycle waste, such as food waste or biodegradable municipal solid waste into biogas, paving the way for a generation of clean energy.
The feedstock flexibility of GPS’ Bio-Methanation plants provide what we believe is today the most effective and cleanest solution to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal, management and recovery for urban India.

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