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VPSA Biogas Purification Plant


Biogas is a renewable source of natural gas generated from the anaerobic digestion of waste materials in municipal landfills, waste water treatment plants and anaerobic digesters processing agricultural and industrial organic wastes.

The growing trend towards higher natural gas prices and a demand for renewable energy has created strong demand for equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane. Biomethane is a purified form of renewable biogas that meets pipeline natural gas quality specifications and can be distributed and

sold by injection into existing pipeline gas utility pipelines.

Biomethane can also be used as a carbon-neutral compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel for vehicles including refuse trucks, heavy duty transportation trucks, transit buses and passenger cars.

This Bio Gas Enrichment Plant /System is efficient in acting as your biogas to bio-CNG conversion plant. Our pricing structures are highly competitive to ensure your satisfaction with both cost and quality. We provide excellent customer support services for running your Biogas purification plant at optimal efficiency.

You are in trusted hands at Enginox Technologies as far as your biogas purification and bottling needs go. Our technology will transform your plant purifying bio gas to bio CNG plant providing high quality product with ready takers in the market. The level of purification achieved using our systems allow you to almost interchangeably use the term CNG for bio-CNG. Enrichment processes developed in our bio gas to CNG plant have proven efficiency. We enable you to market the much sought after fuel of the future – Bio-CNG India.

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