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ENGINOX TECHNOLOGIES offer oxygen analysers, oxygen monitors instruments that find application in measuring impurities of Oxygen in pure gases for Process Control Quality Control, safety etc. Premium Quality Oxygen Analysers MODELS should be offered for specific requirement. These Oxygen analysers offer all the desire feature of an highly advanced instrument at affordable prices. Two Audible & Visual Alarms, programmable either high or low, user settable Recorder outputs 0-5 V & 4-20mA.

Measuring Range : Oxygen gas in Percentage (%) and PPM

Types of Analyser available :

Mini Portable Oxygen Analyser with inbuilt batter (Pocket Analyser)

Mini O2 Analyser For % Oxygen Measurement (Portable / Panel Mounted)

μP Based Panel Mounted Oxygen Analyser (Percentage OR PPM)

High Specification μP Based Oxygen Analyser (Percentage and PPM both option in single analyser.

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